Criteria For Selection

Each individual nominated for selection to the Riverside Sport Hall of Fame must have:

• Brought honor and fame to the City of Riverside through their contributions to athletics;
• A reputation for being a good citizen
• Maintained a relationship with and positively represented the City of Riverside during their career.

AS AN ATHLETE, a nominee must also have:

• Won a state, regional, national or international title for a sanctioned sports competition;
• Successfully participated at a high level of competition in their sport.

AS A COACH, a nominee must also have:

• Been admired by their peers, their athletes and the larger community for their promotion of the benefits of sport, including the social, physical and intellectual development of their athletes
• Been instrumental in building the self confidence and pride in their athletes and their community.

AS A CONTRIBUTOR, a nominee must also have:

• Been recognized for their contributions and/or the promotion of sports activities within the community.
• Created and/or improved the facilities necessary to expand the scope of sports programs in Riverside.


Nominations will be received and reviewed by a nominating committee composed of individuals with expertise and diverse backgrounds and experience with respect to athletics. Selection of those to be honored will be by vote of the members of the Riverside Sport Hall of Fame Executive Team.


Nominations for 2017 will close on September 15, 2016.

Completed nomination forms and accompanying information should be mailed to:

RIVERSIDE SPORT HALL OF FAME – Nominations Committee
P .O. Box 2423
Riverside, CA 92516-2423
Or can be emailed to: