Special Award Winners

The Hall of Fame has developed two other annual awards, recognizing individuals in the community that exemplify certain ideals of character and leadership. The first is the Presidents Award given to an individual who has shown exceptional qualities of self-worth, persistence and courage in their lives. The second is the Chuck Kane Leadership Award. This individual, through example has developed principal centered leadership, increasing productivity and quality of work while maintaining professional and personal relationships.

Chuck Kane Leadership Award

The Chuck Kane Leadership Award is given to those who, through their continuing leadership in the Riverside community, have inspired all of us to athletic achievement.

2005 Dr. Susan Rainey
2006 Adrian “Dell” Roberts
2007 Dr. Jerome and Diane Wall
2008 Jim and Becki Clover
2009 Pete and Jackie King
2010 R.H.”Dick” Perry
2011 Nick Goldware
2012 Dr. Ronald L. Ellis
2013 Franklin “Lindy” Lindeburg
2016 Bob Porter
2017 Ronald O. Loveridge
2018 Debbi Guthrie
2023 Stan Morrison
2024 Javier Krumm

President’s Award

The President’s Award honors those in the Riverside community who have provided distinguished service for a number of years in the field of athletics.

2004 Billy Mulligan
2005 Allan Boyd
2006 Anthony J. Rivera
2007 Gary and Sheila Locke
2008 Dr. Linda Lacy
2009 Suzanne Ashley
2010 Getty J. George, III
2011 Jim Walters
2012 Kermit Alexander
2013 John Corona
2016 Arlo Gard
2017 Sam D. Knight, Sr.
2018 Rich Stalder and Gary Taylor
2023 John Tibbels
2024 Dr. Tacy Duncan

Inspirational Athlete Award

The Most Inspirational Athlete of the Year Award is presented to an individual who has overcome a challenge in their life and used the experience to inspire others to persevere in the face of adversity.

2016 Josh Nava
2017 Andrew Tachias
2018 Ruben Ayala, III
2023 Jannon Otto
2024 Christian Deloye