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Athlete, post-1970

A native of Riverside, Nesbitt has been in the water practically since birth. She was a key member of the Riverside AQuettes from 1964 to 1972, and swam for Riverside Poly High School, winners of three league championships during her time there. She attended San Jose State in 1977, and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Recreation. She swam for the Santa Clara Aquamaids for five years, winning fourteen international titles and eighteen national titles with them during that time. She was a finalist for the 1977 Sullivan Award.

Nesbitt successfully coached the Canadian National Synchronized Swim Team for ten years. She also coached the Australian National Team in the 1984 Olympics. In 1991, she returned to Riverside as head coach of the AQuettes, her goal being to build a strong program in Riverside that would allow swimmers to stay close to home to achieve their goals. Nesbitt fostered a powerhouse program that has won two Junior National overall championships and sent four athletes, so far, to the Olympics. In 2004, two of her athletes (including her daughter Stephanie) were chosen to represent the United States in Olympic Synchronized Swimming competition. The team proudly took home a Bronze medal.

Nesbitt has recently retired from active coaching, but continues to teach and consult with clubs and swimmers across the country. Some of her many other awards and achievements include: two-time Developmental Coach of the Year in Nova Scotia, Canada; Coach of the Year in Canada; two Citizens Savings Hall of Fame Awards; and Women’s Sports Hall of Fame induction. Nesbitt still resides and mentors youth in Riverside. Nesbitt and her two daughters, Barbara and Stephanie, make up what Ohio State’s The Lantern referred to as “one of the sport’s rare family dynasties, one that is as important to synchro as the Mannings are to football.” Her goal over the years has been to produce good people and strong citizens, and she has gone above and beyond in achieving this goal.


  1. Molly Baross says:

    Sue has dedicated her life to the sport of synchronized swimming and is a great contributor to Riverside’s reputation of high sport achievement. She’s a good choice for the inclusion in the Riverside Sports Hall of Fame!