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Mar 6, 2011 22 Comments ›› Riverside Sport Hall of Fame

Athlete, post-1970

Mavis Washington was a star athlete at Rubidoux High School and at the University of California at Riverside, where she lettered in basketball, volleyball, tennis and softball.

Riverside Connection:
Rubidoux High School (1969)
University of California, Riverside (1970-1974)

Lettered in Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis and Softball at UCR
Played AAU Basketball in 1974-1977 (Named All-American)
Won AAU National Championship (1975)
Played on USVBA National Team in 1978, 1980, 1984
Inducted into UCR Hall of Fame (1986)
Women’s basketball coach at Nebraska, Syracuse, Miami of Ohio, Fresno State and Idaho


  1. Alanna Larson says:

    What wonderful news. Wish I could attend the ceremony. Mavis is so deserving of this recognition. What a wonderful honor to such a lovely human being.

  2. Stephen Bianco says:

    Fantastic news, well deserved. Congratulatlions Mavis!

  3. Earl "Bud" Beshers says:

    Wow! had no idea we had such a super star in our class of 69. Congratulations. Bud and Cathy Beshers

  4. Connie Contreras Dodd says:

    CONGRATULATIONS – We are so very proud of you, Mavis. May your star continue shining for many more years to come.

  5. Mavis Thoams says:

    Congratulations Mavis! As a fellow alumni (class of 96) and bearer of the same very beautiful name, I extend my congrats to you for your accomplishments! I have never met another Mavis, and have never attended a school nor had a job with another Mavis. This is the closest I have come. So just stopping by to say “Hello Mavis :-)” and “congratulations!”

  6. Cathy Timm Godfrey says:

    Congrats Mavis! I will always remember what a fun and motivating person you were at Rubidoux High! Well deserved!

  7. Delma Lee (Williams) says:

    Congratulations to my former High School Basketball coach. I also remember Mavis starring in the movie “Fast Break” in 1979. What a great honor for such a great person!

  8. Carolyn Lowe says:

    Mavis your big sister is proud of you. Mom is looking down at you with a great big smile, job well done.

  9. Georgeania Randell says:

    Congratualtion Auntie Mavis, you have touched so many, you hold a special place in my heart forever, you are truly deserving of this honor.

    Luv Ya Much

  10. Irvina McLeod says:

    that’s my cousin!!! what a wonderful accomplishment!!! i’m proud to say that i have a hall of famer in my family!

  11. Hi Mavis,

    What a great honor, way to go! I remember playing bball with you at Rubidoux High, you were a fantastic player. I told my dad , Coach Krainock, that you were so good that you could play on the guys team! He agreed , you were special.

    May the future bring you good health and much happiness.

    Warmest regards,
    Mary Krainock RHS Class of 71′

  12. Leslie Porter (Martin) says:

    I can’t imagine anyone more deserving! I wish I had received an invitation sooner than May 7. I would have tried to make it Riverside for the event.

    They forgot to mention what a successful volleyball and basketball coach Mavis was at Rubidoux High School before she moved on to the college ranks. Boy, did we dread coming up against her teams when I played at North from 1975-1979. Luckily, I also had the opportunity to benefit from her coaching prowness when I played on an AAU team coached by Mavis in 1978.

    Many congratulations to my good friend Mavis!

  13. Deary Dufie says:


    This is well-deserved. I enjoyed watching your athletic abilities. Was equally thrilled to play in Mixed-Doubles Volleyball tourney with you. (We lost in the finals to the Bocks)

    Congrats again,

    Deary Duffie, UCR Class of ’77

  14. Terre Reese McDonald says:

    Just now saw this…..write me a note a let me know how you are doing…..Just loved playing with you on our trip to Africa! Remember all that laughing! Can’t wait to here from you! Congrats on your award!

    • Mavis Washington says:

      Dear Terre,
      I just saw this. Wow! I have great memories of our trip to West Africa. Here’s my email:
      Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your kind words.


      • tex fults says:

        Mavis, you probably don’t remember me, but I coached he USVBA team one summer with you and a bunch of girls from UCR and Riverside. Living in Austin Texas now and just thought I’d say hello. I see Mike Evans every once in a while when I’m in Riverside.

      • Jeffrey Saul says:

        I don’t know if you remember me, but I was friends & roommate with Bobby Walters and I worked with Freddie Goss for 6 ½ years.
        I’m the short little Jewish guy and I am still in touch with both Bob & Freddie.

        My wife, Sandy Robinson, remembers playing “horse” with you in the parking lot at A&E dorms when you had to put quarters in a slot to keep the lights on. She was a cute little short shit with big tits and a big ‘fro. She was only 5’2”. But she could still play b-ball (and still can).

        It’s okay of you don’t remember me or Sandy, but if you don’t remember Bob or Freddie, then…shame on you!

        P.S. We would love to be touch with you again.

        Jeffrey Saul & Sandy Robinson-Saul

  15. Stacy Davies says:

    Mavis Washington also starred in the 1979 film Fast Break with Gabe Kaplan. Where is she now?

  16. Marshall J. Marmolejo says:

    What an inspiration in a woman, congrats on your achievements! As I watch the 2012 Olympics, I can’t ever forget the pep talks you would give us during volleyball practice at Rubidoux High School. God Bless

  17. Brad Norman says:

    Where is Mavis NOW? Where are you? Yes my MOM coached you. My name is Brad Norman. I am at Yes I am a soccer coach. Where are you? I need speakers.

  18. I went to Rubidoux High School 1980-84, Mavis had just left from coaching girls basketball a year before I played. Wish I could of had the opportunity to have her coach me. Always remember the day I met you, a friend of mine wanted you to see me play, went into gym itcwas just tge three of us and you said i was pretty good, made my day. Best wishes.

  19. Allan Stringer says:

    Hey young lady! I coached track with you , Phil Condon and Gary Teigs ’78-80. You and I had our own little high jump competition. I went out at 5′ 6″. Dwayne “Papa” McCullough, and Derrick Miller both jumped 7′ 0″ that year!!
    Now my grandson is an All-American rugby player at Ariz. St. U. and was one of 25 players invited to the USA Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista last week.
    Congratulations on your honors, and I learned by having worked with you.