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Athlete, post-1970

Luann Ryon came to Riverside Community College in the fall of 1971. She enrolled in an archery class because all of the tennis classes were full. This was the start of a 17-year career, which includes two Pan-American Games, Olympic Games and numerous National and International Championships. She earned a gold medal as a 1973 College National Team Champion and 1974 Individual Women’s College Champion. Luann was named the 1975 RCC Female Athlete of the Year. In her first appearance on an international stage at the age of 23, Luann won a Gold Medal in the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games in the 70-meter individual archery competition with a world record 2,499 points. She was a five-time California State Champion (1976-1978, 1980 and 1982) and a gold medalist in the 1977 Women’s World Championship, shooting a 2,515 to set a women’s world record. Luann Ryon was well thought of as a competitor and was viewed as a “class act” by her opponents.


  1. Cat Sandstrom says:

    My maiden name was Morrett, It’s my understanding that my Uncle Ronnie Morrett might have been involved with Training Luann Ryon ? I found this information when I was researching, On line my Uncle’s name.
    I am wondering if there are any old,old timers out there that remember Ron Morrett. Ron Morrett built the first adjustable poundage take down recurve,the first adjustable poundage compound bow,the first twin cam bow”The Morrett Dyna2″. He had A huge part in designing many of the southern Calif. archery ranges people still enjoy today. He also coached Luann Ryon up until about A month before the olympics that she won A gold individual. I am just trying to get some dialog started on A man that shouldnt be forgotten. Can anyone help me out? Thanks
    Written by Tyneka Morrett ( Kent Morrett/ wife)

    If Luann could provide any information about my Uncle Ronnie, such as her experiences with him, This would mean the world to not only to Ronnie Morrett 3 sons’ , Kevin, Kent & Kyle. (Who miss their father dearly, But my Father Emeral (ED) Morrett the only brother of Ronnie Morrett still surviving . ) And myself , We lost this good man way to soon in life.

    Thank you
    Cat Sandstrom

    • Michelle Kimbro-Bowman says:

      Hi! I actually have one of Ron’s compound bows.. I trained with Luann at RCC under John Williams who was our coach in the early 1970’s… I remember going to his shop in Fontana I believe it was…


  2. Dave Leach says:

    Ron was my best friend and we designed many archery products together. Ask the boys they can verify my relationship with Ron. Send me a email and I will share what I can with you. Some of your statements above are correct and some partially correct. Dave

    • dan says:

      i had a bow made there and was taught how to shoot it at the store in fontana on foothill. i believe you did some work on my bow. i went to the city of hope shoot with you and shot 2nd in my class. its sad that not many people know who he is and how the name died when he did. i still have my bow and still shoot it. its so much smoother than most of the bows out there today. any idea who bought the designs for his equipment?

  3. Laura Kelly says:

    I was in that archery class with Luann at RCC in the early 70s. We were both beginners but she was so good… All I got was a bruised arm. I think I even teased her that she should be in the Olympics…and I moved on to golf.

  4. Gene Waterfield says:

    Ask kent. I got him his first job at general dynamics
    Ron was like a father to me I shot and worked with and for Him for
    Over 12years,until he died.I was honored to be a pall bearer at his funeral
    After Ron died I stopped shootings it just did not fell right without him
    Being there.
    I was very happy he was added to the CBH hall of fame
    If you can get this to Kent I would talk to him.
    I still have the last Aniversary Bow he built. He had # 1 of 25 And he built me #25/25 I will never get rid of it.

    Gene Waterfield

  5. Gary W. Bunting says:


    I knew Ron back in the late ’70’s and early ’80’s. He was indeed a very fine man; generously giving and attentive to his family, friends and customers. He was, as I recall, quiet, reserved and always wore a happy face and friendly, warm smile.

    I was honored to be one of the charter members of the Valley Bow Hunters Club which, if I remember correctly, Ron started. We used to have club meetings at his shop on Foothill Blvd. in Fontana. I was a part of the crew in the club, that built a range in the hilly area of Devore, CA, sponsored (again, if I remember correctly) by Ron.

    Ron built a custom candy-apple metal flake red magnesium-aluminum handle-rise bor with forward Zebra wood handle, double hybrid cam for me, complete with my name and initials on the riser and signed ‘FOR GARY W. BUNTING BY RON MORRETT’. The limbs are numbered AJ1199/320 with natural wood outer laminates and dark wood footer laminates, adorned with the MORRETT name in gold letters – rare for one of his designs.

    I too was stunned and deeply saddened by Ron’s passing. He fought a valiant battle with his leukemia and we were all there at his side doing our best to bolster him up and stand by him through his fight with the illness through his terrible ordeal. I miss him greatly still.

    I still shoot my MORRETT bow at the ORANCO range in south Chino. Everyone admires that bow and are in augh at its speed and smoothness. I maintain that even though technology has move on, Ron’s compound bow cannot be improved upon.

    Ron was a genius and very talented engineer and archery scientist. When we lost him, the world, not just the archery world,l lost a very special man, friend and spirit. God rest his soul as I’m sure He has.