Wall of Distinction Ceremony

Saturday, January 21 at 11:00AM


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Photos are now online from the May 16, 2016 event and are available for viewing and purchase. Here are a few pointers on navigating the site. First, when you get to the first page of photos, you can experiment by dragging your mouse over a particular photo, which will enlarge it slightly. If you double-click on a photo, it will enlarge to full-screen size for better viewing of expression (in cases where there are duplicates, for example). If you’d like to order a photo … either a print or a file sent to you via email … just click the shopping cart icon under that photo. You will be offered several options of sizes, and you can also choose quantities if you’re buying prints.

To complete your order, you’ll pay on Michael Elderman’s website via PayPal or using your credit card. If you live or work in Riverside, Micahel Elderman will arrange with you to deliver your prints at no charge; that way you can avoid having to pay the $3.95 shipping/handling fee.


Watch The Live Stream of The 2016 Induction Ceremony!